Serenity. Vitality. Clarity. Change.
Gentle adjustments and transmutations to return ourselves to our true state of being;
Creative and Joyful.

What’s Happening in the World of Sound Healing?

The Source Field Sound Approach

Receive upliftment from chronic pains, fatigue, depression/anxiety, or localized pain. This therapy is relaxing, and allows deep transmutation on physical and energetic levels. Sound Healing Sessions may incorporate Healing Voice and color therapy, with pure-tone instruments: Alchemical Crystal Bowls, Color Frequency Tuning Forks and Weighted Tuning Forks.

Alchemical Bowls

Beyond the purest quartz these crystal bowls contain precious gems and metals,, for an Alchemical Transference of metaphysical information.

Healing Voice

By speech or song, the Healing Voice will express a vision of wholeness and health to the recipient, transforming them with spirit medicine

Tuning Forks

Absorbed by the body & felt by the consciousness, Tuning Forks transmit frequencies which resolve repeating patterns and cellular debris.

Nicola Buffa

Nicola Buffa is a certified practitioner of healing tones, color therapy, and healing voice.

Sound Healing can address physical and emotional issues on all levels, known and unknown. It is truly an inter-dimensional healing, based in our physical bodies, as well as our astral bodies. It works in our knowledge of our akashic past, and the collective unconscious. It has the power to reach us throughout biofield/aura, clearing and balancing us in this life, and in our past iterations.

“As a sound healer all of my life’s paths are converging: my love of the human voice, a profound interest in human behavior and dream psychology, and my deep creativity as an artist and a performer. I draw on all these interests to create individualized sound treatments. I hope to share with you the lightness of being that sound healing has shown me.”

What Can Sound Healing Treat?


Chronic or persistent physical pains


Amorphic Conditions such as Chronic Pain and Chronic Fatigue.


Emotional Plagues of Anxiety, Depression, Fatalism, or Nhilism.


Relief from Grief, Fear, and Stress.


Treatment for Injury, or localized pains.


Softening deep Emotional trauma, to give subconscious relief.


Still Wondering if Sound Therapy could help you? Please reach out to learn more.

Returning Ourselves to our True State of Being; Creative & Joyful.


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