Resonate Sound Heals, sound healing

Resonate Sound Heals, Blue Light Activation

Hosted by Nicola Buffa, This Gathering will incorporate guided meditation into a SoundBath Experience aimed to Activate Blue Light Frequencies and Orgone Energies within the body for an infusion of life force energy. Additionally! this event will feature Orgonites (Crystal Healing Devices, Handmade) in order to increase interactivity of human bio field with the positive effects of Sound Healing.
Resonate Sound Heals Series, is a Bi-Monthly SoundBath + Vibrational Healing that serves as a platform to explore nuanced intersections of Sound, Self-Care and conscious Community. #sound #light #color #crystals #frequencies #essentialoil #flowers #water #auras #intention
Please arrive at 7 to get yourself settled and set up your Meditation Nest.
Don’t forget to bring yoga mats to rest upon, blankets, pillows, and anything you wish to have in the space for extra comfort. We invite you to relax and find peace and serenity.
Doors at 7 // Tea & Set Up
Sound at 7:30 // Doors Close
“We invite you to lay down and embark on a meditative journey; A ceremonial observation of who we are in this moment. Our intention is to allow you to feel shifted in your emotions, connected to your inner wisdom, and realigned with your higher self. Come as you are, leave as you would like to be.”
Our purpose is to Create Time, and Hold Space where people can gather to share in a meditative journey, and live a multifaceted Human Experience. We promote the use of meditation in individuals, creating harmony within our creative communities. We support your personal dedication to practices of Self Care, and raising Consciousness on All Levels!
What are Orgonites?
Orgonites are energetic purifiers; crystal healing devices. Made with aluminum, they have a gentle magnetism which attracts free radicals, negative ions, and erratic energetic waveforms. The crystals contained therin re-organize, and return energetic fields to their optimum crystalline structures by waveform entrainment. Each orgonite, as a result of this process, generates a tauric field, which is perpetuated by the crystals under pressure of the resin. Copper wire is a natural super conductor of human bio field energy, and is included in many Orgonites in order to increase interactivity of human bio field with the positive effects of the Orgonite energetic purifiers. In addition, different stones may be incorporated for their metaphysical properties, and when combined with specific intentions, each batch of Orgonite may have subtle variance in their effects.
About Nicola______________________
Nicola Buffa is a Sound Practitioner + Vibrational Healer + Artist using Sound to Channel Geometric Lightcodes of Color, Transmissions for InterDimentional Integrations, and Healing Alignments and Activations for our Future Selves. Her mission is to bring Upliftment to those Suffering from Patterned Thinking, Alienation, Chronic Pain/Anxiety/Depression, to Assist humans in strengthening our minds through meditation and Astral Enhanching Experiences, & to thereby provide Healing Space for Individuals and the Creative Spirit of our Collective Consciousness. She believes that with the gentle adjustments and transmutations from sound therapy, we can Return Ourselves to our True State of Being; Creative and Joyful.
“Using Egyptian alchemy meditations, and loving frequencies, My ((SOUND TRANSMISSIONS)) are meant to create you as a crystalline superstructure, by bringing better circulation, promoting cellular detox for optimum electric current within the body’s system, and in turn providing you with your own potential energy, boost mental clarity and lightness of being, and harmonize your emotional + physical self.” Nicola Buffa
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Oct 10 2019


07:00 PM - 09:00 PM



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Halcyon SF, 314 11th Street. SF CA 94103
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