Resonate, Sound Heals. 90 Minute Vibrational Healing, with Becca Davis & Nicola Buffa

 Resonate Sound Heals, Reiki + Sound, with Becca Davis & Nicola Buffa

Gather at Halycon for another evening of Resonate: Sound Heals.

Our Monthly SoundBath + Reiki + Vibrational Healing.  #sound #light #color #crystals #frequencies #essentialoil #flowers #water #auras #intention #reiki 

Doors Open at 7pm for Tea, & Set up 

SoundBath begins at 7:30, No Late Entry.    

Don’t forget to bring yoga mats to rest upon, blankets, pillows, and anything you wish to have in the space for extra comfort. The space can be chilly, Please be prepared with a Blanket if the weather suggests. We invite you to relax and find peace and serenity.

Our purpose is to Create Time, and Hold Space where people can gather to share in a meditative journey, thereby celebrating the essence of being alive in a body and living a multifaceted Human Experience.  We promote the use of meditation in individuals, creating harmony within our creative communities.

This event has been extended from its previous format (one hour) to a 90minute Event to offer MORE of what we are sharing. We support your personal dedication to practices of Self Care, and raising Consciousness on All Levels!  

“We invite you to lay down and embark on a meditative journey; A ceremonial observation of who we are in this moment. When we surrender to relaxation, we create a time and space to allow the body and mind to heal itself.  Our intention is to allow you to feel shifted in your emotions, connected to your inner wisdom, and realigned with your higher self. Come as you are, leave as you would like to be.”

Vibrational Healing San Francisco


About Becca


Becca Davis, raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, began her personal journey into the holistic healing arts when she was introduced to yoga in 2004. While on this self-empowering journey, she decided to take yoga teacher training in 2014, which included over 200 hours of training and intensive practice in Berkeley, California. Not long after, she ended up traveling to Goa, India to further earn her 300 hours in advance training, acquiring knowledge, wisdom, and experience.

After returning from India, she continued to study other healing modalities and was introduced to Reiki in 2015.  Since then, she has received her Master Certification and continues to live a life that is reflective of nature, holistic practices, and sacred union of the divine masculine and feminine within oneself.

She has been on her healing path now for quite sometime recently studying under Sariah Sizemore. Learning about the benefits of kundalini to the nervous system, along with shamanic ritual breathwork, integrating and expanding in a year long Shamanic Healing Coach Training. Currently she is working collaboratively with other practitioners hosting Sound + Reiki Meditation traveling California and to where ever she is intuitively called.


Becca believes that the healing process brings awareness to the conscious mind, body, and soul. She is inspired to serve others along their journey. All designed to bring the whole human experience back from cultural conditioning, and to bring about deep, systemic shifts in the lives of all who dare dream.

About Nicola


Nicola Buffa is a Sound Practitioner + Vibrational Healer + Artist working to bring Upliftment to those suffering from alienation, chronic discomfort, and stress related anxiety, and to assist the natural creative spirit of our collective consciousness through the powerful transmutation of Sound.  She believes that with the gentle adjustments and transmutations from sound therapy, we can Return Ourselves to our True State of Being; Creative and Joyful.

Private Sessions are Available at

Offering RELEIF! And a relaxing path to clarity and lightness of being through Sound Healing. Sound treatments incorporate BioField Tuning, Color Therapy, Healing Voice, and Guided Meditation with Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, Gong, and Tuning Forks.

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Jul 26 2018


07:00 PM - 09:00 PM



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Halcyon SF, 314 11th Street. SF CA 94103
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