Serenity. Vitality. Clarity. Change.

Drawing from ancient wisdoms, native techniques, & cultural findings from around the world, sound healing restores the body to its natural state of harmony.

Spirit Tuning

Relax + Receive gentle transmutation with crystal bowls, healing voice, light drum and rattle, Upliftment on all levels.
One hour. $75 - $125, sliding scale.

Spirit Tuning + Meditation

Relax, Receive, + Travel. This treatment uses the same techniques for Upliftment as Spirit Tuning 1, Plus time for exploration in active meditation with guided imagery. Encounter creative visions, resolutions, & spirit guides.
1.5 hours. $125 - $175, sliding scale.

Tarot + Sound Assistance

Classic divination with Tarot cards is remarkably enhanced by the portals created by sound. Bring forth clarity to the answers you seek.
One hour. $100.

Sonic Adjustment

The bulk of this body centered treatment applies sound frequencies to a a physical ailment, such as back pain or a sprained ankle, using weighted forks locally. Let sound adjust you.
45 minutes. $55 – $75, sliding scale.

Aura Tone

Energy Medicine + Frequencies using color frequency tuning forks for a swift approach to deep work. Clear trauma records held in your biomagnetic field, or Aura, which may be actively transmitting echoes and difficult life patterns to you. Change life’s song.
1.5 hours. $125 – $175, sliding scale.

Activate Vitality

Participate in your own sound healing treatment using light body movement and our voices, we will use activating tones to do a chakra sweep cleaning with sound! Come out energized!
45 minutes. $55.

Your First Visit

To get started, take a look at the six different treatment sessions, each specially designed to address the persistent problems of modern life. Then just click the button below to begin our conversation, and we will choose a session that best fits your needs.

Give the Sweet Gift of Upliftment at your Next Gathering

Go on a Source Field sound journey in a Relaxing + Rejuvenating Sound Bath. Or Bring the Mystic Oracle to the party, with salon style Tarot card readings.
Inquire for group rates.

Source Field
Sound Studio

Located on the border of the Mission and Noe neighborhoods of San Francisco, California.

Please note, our studio has a small dog on site and may not be appropriate for those with severe allergies.

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