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Sound Therapy and Vibrational Healing
Nicola Buffa

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Every Sound Transmission is an expressive painting of Light = Color = Sound. Vibration is all around Us, Creating our reality through our thought landscapes, Expressed in geometric waveforms of energy. Through sound we open our eyes to the blessings of all the color-lights of our beautiful world & we open our souls to the vibration of our authentic selves, and our unique song will begin to play for all to hear.
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Nicola Buffa

Sound Therapist + Vibrational Healer + Artist

Through Sound she channels geometric light codes of color, transmissions for inter-dimensional integrations, and alignments + activations for our Future Selves. Her mission is to Assist humans in strengthening our minds through meditation and Astral enhancing experiences, and bring Upliftment on all levels. She creates a healing space for individuals to heal during 1:1 Sessions and in Group Gatherings.

She believes that with the gentle adjustments and transmutations from sound therapy, we can Return Ourselves to our True State of Being; Creative and Joyful.

“Using thought alchemy meditations, and loving frequencies, My ((SOUND TRANSMISSIONS)) are meant to create you as a crystalline superstructure, by bringing better circulation, promoting cellular detox for optimum electric current within the body’s system, and in turn providing you with your own potential energy, boost mental clarity and lightness of being, and harmonize your emotional + physical self.” Nicola Buffa

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Returning Ourselves to our True State of Being; Creative & Joyful.