Come As You Are

Leave As You Would Like To Be


Amplify your unique vibration in chorus with others of aligned intention.

Activate your light body.

Return to your alignment.

Reveal your subconscious thoughts and inner wisdoms.

Source Field Sound offers SoundBath + Vibrational Healing, A balancing and powerful journeying experience in a ceremonial container in which people can feel free to have the thoughtful internal experience of Meditation. This ((SOUND TRANSMISSION)) is intended to create you as a crystalline superstructure, using Egyptian alchemy, holographic sound and the loving frequencies of Alchemy Singing Bowls, chimes, rattles, and Deep Gong, providing you with your own potential energy, a boost in mental clarity and lightness of being, and restored balance to your emotional + physical self.

Please arrive in time to get yourself settled and set up your Meditation Nest.
Once the Doors Shut, There is No Late Entry
Don’t forget to bring yoga mats to rest upon, blankets, pillows, and anything you wish to have in the space for extra comfort. We invite you to relax and find peace and serenity.

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