Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sound Healing?

Sound healing is sometimes called Vibrational Healing, Sound Balancing, or Spirit Tuning. Sound healing makes use of tones generated from instruments such as tuning forks and crystal bowls, gongs, Tingshaws/Tibetan bells, as well as other instruments such as drums and rattles, as well as the human voice.

These instruments are applied to the body, either physically or by listening, in private or group sessions which are frequently called Sound Baths,— sound healing draws from anchient wisdoms, native techniques, and cultural findings from around the world. The intention of sound healing is to restore a body to its natural state of harmony, divinity, and joy using sound vibrations.

Sound Healing is a mind-body medicine for spirit healing. Get a tuneup! Raise your spirits! Sound Healing is Drugless Upliftment for chronic pain, fatigue, anxiety and depression, and much much more!

What can I expect from a sound healing session?

Nicola Buffa is a certified practitioner of healing tones, color therapy, and healing voice. Sessions may include guided meditation’s in a trance state for dreamlike healing in waking life.

Sessions include a brief intake conversation, and 45 to 1 hour and 15 minutes, depending on the ability for energies to be released and revitalized. During a session the client will lay down and relax while while a combination of healing voice, alchemical crystal bowls, and tuning forks are administered on the body and in the aura of the client. These are all techniques utilizing vibrational healing, that when combined with strong mental projections of wholeness, healthiness, and love, result in drastic upliftment and relief. This therapy is at applicable effective in treating mental distress, emotional difficulties such as depression or anxiety, as well as physical ailments such as a back pain or twisted ankle. No matter if the ailment is temporal or chronic sound healing can help! You can expect to feel clearer, lighter, and an overall improvement immediately. Effects of the vibrational therapy may continue to present for up to three days after the session.

How Does It Work?

Physically, Sound Waves, or Vibrations penetrate the body, realigning the crystalline structures and water of cells to the divine construction. This is a gentle cleansing of any debris stuck in the body, which can be considered a literal tune up!

Emotionally, we are easily inspired by tones and intervals to journey in our thoughts. Sound healing provides a meditative opportunity to release and find clarity.

Sound Healing can address physical and emotional issues on all levels, known and unknown. It is truly an inter-dimentional healing, based in our physical bodies, as well as our astral bodies. It works in our knowledge of our akashic past, and the collective unconscious. It has the power to reach us through out biofield/aura, clearing and balancing us in this life, and in our past iterations.

What can Sound Healing treat?

Chronic or persistent physical pains
Amorphic conditions such as Chronic pain and Chronic fatigue.
Emotional plagues of Anxiety, Depression, Fatalism, or Nhilism.
Stuckness, searching to find a vision? Sound helps to access the subconscious it is possible to find information, messages for ourselves, or a creative vision during a session.
Relief from Grief ,Fear, and stress.
Treatment for Injury, or localized pai

Why Now?

Paradigm shift– what’s is a paradigm shift? This means that as a whole, the ways that people are thinking is shifting. I believe we are expiriencing a paradigm shift at this time. People are realizing that the western medicinal treatment which focuses on drugs and surgery is not necessarily the answer for healing holistically or naturally. More and more people are turning to alternative and energy healing modes that account for the spirit of a person. Lift your spirits! Ascend to the 5th dimension; a place of light and love.

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