1:1 Sound Healing Sessions

30minutes // 60minutes // 90minutes

Transformative frequencies and targeted work in your Aura, your Body & In your Quantum Timeline. Get relief from patterned behaviors and thoughts with deep transformation resulting in increased clarity and a total boost in energy. Sessions combine the Sound Elements of Alchemy Singing Bowl, ColorLight Frequency tuning forks, Guided Meditation, and Healing Voice within the protocols of Biofield Tuning.

BioField Tuning Protocol is a well researched method for sound balancing through the Aura, which contains an active record of our lived experiences, and is transmitting echos of our personal song. Using Sound to tune the Biofield we can reach a greater sense of clarity, relieve emotional pain, and make energy available to us in the present.

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Ready to Embark on Your Healing Journey through Sound?

BioField Tuning

A Sound Therapy focused on removing of specific triggers and rewiring the brain process of traumatic memory. By tuning in the Aura, we are unlocking patterned thinking, to receive more energy and relief from chronic fatigues, and release chronic pains of trigger points in the body and the mind. #Emotional Body #Electric Body #Memory #Aura

Instruments and Qualifications

 What makes Source Field Sound so Special?

The Alchemy Bowls are each unique, one of a kind beings themselves— made from quartz, blended with other stones and metals.  This delivers geometries and metaphysical informations encoded within to the Subtle Bodies and the Physical of all in attendance, for a gentle yet powerful adjustment. The SoundBath becomes a gemstone healing as well as an Alchemical healing, and I arrange my transmissions using the different metaphysics to be balancing and clearing. My SoundBath is influenced by celestial correlations, numerology, and astrology, which I present to attendees as a way of opening the meditation and setting intentions directly preceding the Sound. 

I am trained with advanced degrees in Art and Psychology, and a Masters in Art. Once I discovered Sound Healing, I pursued Vibrational Healing & Human Consciousness with an associates degree from the Globe Institute, and the yearlong certification in BioFieldTuning. (Which I use in private sessions for individuals who seek sound therapy and vibrational healing, in my client based energy healing business, Source Field Sound). I am fluent in the Tarot, and have been reading the cards for 23 years. I am the daughter of Jazz and Painting and have been trained in Art, Music and Performance. If you would want to know any more about my education, qualifications, or my client based business, please ask! I am loving this work because it is such a beautiful intersection of all of my paths, and allows me to be the embodiment of Art in this life. “

-Nicola Buffa

Source Field Sound Private Studio is located in Noe Valley, San Francisco.
House Calls (60minutes // 90minutes) are available within the Bay Area for a travel fee.

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